About Me

31, Born in Brazil, raised in London. A self made fashion photographer and art director. 

With 10 years experience in photography Stella has immersed herself in the fashion photography scene in London. 

Educating herself throughout dedication and experience to perfect the classic, femme and memorable aesthetic she so beautifully embodies and produces consistently.

Her work is as impactful on the eye as it is in the industry. 

This is where she motivates and brings together all female teams to inspire and empower women within the industry. Her work shows off her passion of empowerment, emotion and realness. 

Stella’s inspiration comes from the senses, you can feel the music and hear the honesty in her images. Specialising in fashion editorials, working with brands and bringing your vision to imagery.

“Empowering women is so important to me and it shows in my work from production to final product because I use all female teams where I can and my work is femme, soft and emotive. It’s the impact I make on the industry and the photography I produce.”



Selected Publications : British Vogue,Vogue Portugal, L'Officiel Mexico, L'Officiel Ukraine, L'Officiel Singapore, L'Officiel Lithuania, Elle Arabia, Hunger Magazine, Wonderland Magazine, Metal Magazine & Others.

Selected Clients : Chanel, Jimmy Choo via Conde Nast, Stella Lunar via Karla Otto Jack Wills, Harmur, Bimba Y Lola, Toni&Guy, L'Oréal, Babyliss, Skiim Paris, Mariana Raphael, Midnight00, Myriam SOS & others.




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